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Chiropractic Legislation

There is currently legislation (Extend Chiropractic Care in Military Health System - H.R. 409) in Washington D.C. to improve accessibility of chiropractic care to ensure that all of America's current and former military service personnel, and their families, have access to the chiropractic services they need and deserve. This legislation will direct the Secretary of Defense to develop a comprehensive plan to provide chiropractic care services and benefits for all covered beneficiaries under the TRICARE program, to include military dependents, retirees and survivors. I feel this is an important bill, and I would like to gain support from others that are as passionate about sharing chiropractic with others. I have included a link to the Legislative Action Center of the American Chiropractic Association which gives a simple way to make your voice heard. Thank you for your support, and please share this with those who have our common interest.

For more information and to contact your congressional representatives, please click on the hyper-links below.

Extend Chiropractic Care In Military Health System - H.R. 409

Support Expanded Access to Chiropractic in the VA - H.R. 329

From the Chiropractic Legislative Action Center.

Thank you.

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